note on sources

Books etc and websites that include information not readily obtainable elsewhere which is useful for my purposes, whether about individual counties and smaller areas or about subjects and single artists are as follows:

Topographical and local information (arranged by counties etc)


C Pickford: Bedfordshire Churches in the Nineteenth Century, 4 volumes 1994-2001 (Bedfordshire Historical Records Society)


J Betjeman and J Piper (eds): Murray’s Architectural Guide to Berkshire, 1949
M Chatfield: A Gallery of Berkshire Churches, 1974


J Betjeman and J Piper (eds): Murray’s Architectural Guide to Buckinghamshire, 1948


C Hicks (ed): Cambridgeshire Churches, 1997


R Richards: Old Cheshire Churches, revised edition 1973


M Salter: The Old Parish Churches of Cornwall, 1999
E H Sedding: Norman Architecture in Cornwall etc, 1909 [This ranges far more widely than the title suggests]
Cumbria ( i e Cumberland and Westmorland)
L N S Smith: The Stained Glass in the Churches of the Anglican Diocese of Carlisle, 1994 (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, Extra Series XXVI)


B F Cresswell: Exeter Churches, 1908
J M Slader: The Churches of Devon, 1968
F P Pitfield: Dorset Parish Churches A-D, 1981 [Only this volume was published]
: Purbeck Parish Churches, 1985


J Bettley: A Checklist of Essex Architects 1834-1914, Essex Archaeology and History (third Series) vol 24, 1993
J Fitch (ed): Essex Churches and Chapels, 1996
J Hough: Essex Churches, 1983
C Starr (ed): A Guide to Essex Churches, 1980


B and D Beggs: The Churches of Test Valley, (second edition) 2010


J Kinross: Churches of the Marches, 2019
J Leonard: Churches of Herefordshire and their Treasures, 2000


J W Whitelaw: Hertfordshire Churches, 1990


S Day: Stained Glass in Huntingdonshire, 2018

Isle of Wight*

M Lane (ed): Parish Churches of the Isle of Wight, 2001


M Berg and H Jones: Norman Churches in the Canterbury Diocese, 2009
R Homan: The Victorian Churches of Kent, 1984

Lancashire –

Lancashire is a large county that lacks any historic sub-divisions, unlike Yorkshire with its Ridings, so for ease of reference and as an exception the subdivisions used for the three volumes of the Buildings of England series (as well as Furness now in the Cumbria volume) have been retained.

Whole county

P Fleetwood-Hesketh: Murray’s Lancashire Architectural Guide, 1955
Furness etc
L N S Smith: The Stained Glass in the Churches of the Anglican Diocese of Carlisle, 1994 (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, Extra Series XXVI)

South east Lancashire, including Greater Manchester


J D Bennett: Leicestershire Architects 1700-1850, 1968



G Dickinson (ed) with others: Rutland Churches before Restoration, 1983
A Swift: The Complete Guide to the Parish Churches of Rutland, 2014

*Essex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, parts of South and East London, Rutland, Surrey and Sussex (East and West)

In the course of wider researches I have found information about churches in these counties which goes beyond what is recorded in the Buildings of England or the various works on individual counties listed above. Much comes from pretty obscure C19 and C20 sources, published and unpublished, and these are cited in full in each case. The only proviso is that I cannot realistically check whether everything is still there, particularly from the earlier years, thanks to normal wear-and-tear and changes in taste. East and West Sussex are in a rather different category as my own website ( provided much of the information in the two Buildings of England volumes that cover the county. For the sake of consistency I have not repeated the actual source (given on the website in any case) unless the name was included in neither Sussex volume.


Articles about particular counties, particularly the periodicals of county archaeological societies are listed above under the counties concerned. More generally I have used the following:

  • Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society
  • Antiquaries Journal
  • The Architect
  • The Architects’ Journal
  • Architectural History
  • Architectural Review
  • Archaeological Journal
  • British Architect
  • The Builder
  • Building News
  • Church Builder
  • Church Building
  • The Ecclesiologist
  • Ecclesiology Today
  • Georgian Group Journal
  • Journal of the British Archaeological Association
  • Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Journal of the Society of Master Glass Painters [now Journal of Stained Glass]
  • The Times
  • Transactions of the Cambridge Camden Society
  • Twentieth Century Architecture [formerly Thirties Society Journal]
  • Victorian Society Annual
  • Vidimus [on-line magazine on mediaeval and later stained glass]

General Studies and reference works

K Beulah and H van Lennep: Church Tiles of the Nineteenth Century, 2001
Sir T D Kendrick: English 19th Century Glass: Topographical Index (unpublished typescript) (Victoria and Albert Museum)
Individual Artists and Architects